Pizza Day Pondering

I realized my blog posts don't reveal the date when the posts are published, and while I figure out how to fix that, today is June 27, 2013 and the pizza picture is 3 days old. 
Before summer, I gave up the opportunity for a steady but low-paying summer job and decided to dedicate my summer to food videos, photography and travel. Now that summer has begun, I find myself with a lot more time on my hands. But I still haven't uploaded a video. What do I make a video of? I have a cookie video I filmed over a month ago that I can upload...but who wants to see a cookie video? I feel like I've already made tons! haha.
While I carefully figure out the content I want to upload, enjoy the random food photos I'll be posting on my blog & on Instagram. For example, these two photos of a peperoni pizza I didn't make by hand.

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