Boardwalk in Orlando

Hello! Just thought I'd pop in and let everyone know I'm still alive. 

Holiday season is long over, and while I spent time editing a new cookie tutorial only for it to fail uploading, I have been busy busy busy. Meanwhile my business, I spent a few more busy hours on a mini vacation with a close friend. Always looking for something food related, I stopped by a bakery while strolling around on a beautiful day in sunny Florida. I took some sneak peek photos of the bakery as we purchased a few fruit tarts, a favorite of my friend's family.

Boardwalk Bakery's Fruit Tart

After the simple delight of a well made fruit tart, I have decided to make fruit tarts. A task I have never specifically handled. But coming back to home's cold weather, I will have to put this urge aside till summer rolls around!

Stepping into the bakery, this is what I see...


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