Pirouline Cake

Hi there! Though I'd just post something to prove I haven't disappeared....
Cake topped with dark chocolate Piroulines! Doesn't look like the cake is about to fall over? ;) 
 My Aunt came back from a trip and although you can Piroulines nearly anywhere, she brought us a tin of these wafers as souvenirs. I suppose because my family rarely buys any snacks. I recently had a cake order and thought, what better way to make use of Piroulines than to brighten up a cake?
After this afternoon adventure decorating, I still have plenty more leftover. Perhaps I'll top them on a tart like in the picture on the tin...or dip them in coffee. And give that dipped wafer to someone else because I don't particularly like coffee's flavor haha. So perhaps I'll eat them plain. Good day everyone.


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