Marbled Cake

Hi! This is again, another follow-up of my video: How to Marble Cake on Youtube.
So many times have people left comments, messages, and questions regarding the locations of these "mysterious" recipes. Dear reader, I apologize on my behalf because I often get way too busy and it simply slips my mind. But please note that I do try very hard to make videos even during other things the word demands. So bless your soul if your help out a new viewer that wonders how anyone's supposed to make something without the recipe! Thy blog is Thanks mate!

As for this Marbling Cake recipe, I have a very strong feeling I used the one from The House of Annie. I made this a couple months ago, so the origin of the recipe in the video is blurry. But I DO recall that I ran out of chocolate chips so I just squirted a few tablespoons of chocolate syrup into half the batter just until it looked chocolaty enough. I also remember the texture and moisture content was amazing, but the taste wasn't satisfying. Maybe because of the chocolate syrup?

[Note: I posted this as my video description, but again. You do NOT need use this recipe to make marbles. You can most definitely use other pound cake or marble cake recipes AS LONG as they have the correct consistency. If you watched the video, you can notice how long it takes to slide off the spatula and how thick it is. Many of my demonstration videos are merely the techniques you can use.]

Thank you so much for letting me reach my 100 subscribers mark by the end of summer! I appreciate every one of you for watching. It's what keeps the videos going. Have a fabulous day everyone! :)

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