Deviled Eggs

This is a follow up of the video: How to Make Deviled Eggs (with secret ingredient)

I know you guys have been DYING to know what this secret ingredient is. So I'll kill the suspense and tell you.
I know I know. Often times when I already know the secret or surprise I will think how lame people are if they don't even know something this little. But lets throw away the dignity and enjoy this moment with everyone that didn't know about it.

Why pickle juice? Pickle juice is the pickle water pickles come in. It's acidic just like vinegar,which is the common liquid used in deviled eggs. The reason we use pickle juice is because it has more flavor.

I usually eyeball the ingredients, but there are measurements available if you need it. If you go to the website "The Deviled Egg Gourmet," you can find some very helpful tips on how to cook the eggs and make, well, deviled eggs!

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