First Pullman Loaf Disaster

Obviously, these rolls are not my first pull man loaf, but it might as well be because it was made with the same dough. Read my story below...

 Who cares if its unruly? As long as it comes out golden...:)
Peanut Butter and Adzuki Paste Dinner Rolls
I thought the dough would take a while to rise for the last proofing because of the cold temperature, so I took the risk and went out for a quick shopping trip. Turns out by the time I came back it rose about 3 times its size and was overfilling the pan! So I did the panicking thing where I rush to preheat the oven then quickly stick the pans in. But I totally forgot my pullman loaf had three holes in the bottom?! So the dough leaked out of the holes on the bottom AND on the top where I slip on the top cover. And as they baked, the dough became detached from the pan and dropped to the bottom of my oven. And started burning. I opened the door when the dough was already black so it caught on fire a bit because of the oxygen I let in, so I just closed the door and waited for it to stop producing flames.

If you read all that you must have a lot of time in your hands...! But if you didn't read all that, keep in mind-don't leave the house!

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